MERO ČR, a. s. administers and maintains crude oil pipelines so that they last many decades. In recent years, the Družba crude oil pipeline underwent revitalization, comprehensive repairs, and restoration.

Central Crude Oil Tank Farm (CTR) Nelahozeves

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Central crude oil tank farm is used for storage of strategic emergency reserves of crude oil, as short-term interim storage facility for crude oil transported by Druzhba and IKL pipelines, for mixing different crude oil types based on requirements of the customers, and for crude oil distribution to the customers – refineries..

Storage capacities consist of four tanks, each for 50,000 m3, six tanks, each for 100,000 m3, and six tanks, each for 125,000 m3.

These steel tanks are installed over the ground, are equipped with a steel protective pit and floating roof. The tank farm of the overall area of approx. 59 hectares is found in Mělník and Kladno districts, in cadastral areas of the following communities: Nelahozeves, Podhořany, Uhy, Nové Ouholice and Sazená. The largest proportion falls on the cadastral area of Nelahozeves.

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MERO CR will build a new crude oil storage tank in the central tank farm in Nelahozeves

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