Projects of common interest

Projects of common interest (PCI) are defined by Regulation (EU) No. 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council. This regulation identifies strategic priority corridors and geographic areas of energy infrastructure with trans-European/trans-boundary dimensions, in order to achieve the objectives set by the European Union. Projects of common interest are projects necessary for the implementation of priority corridors and areas of energy infrastructure, they should contribute to the development of networks in individual corridors and are listed in the EU list of projects of common interest.

For inclusion in the EU list, a proposed project must meet several conditions. In particular, it must bring substantial benefits to at least two Member States, contribute to integration and increased competition, enhance energy security and lead to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The following MERO ČR, a.s. projects are included in the projects of common interest:

The “TAL plus” project

The project aims to increase the transport capacity of the existing crude oil pipeline from Trieste to Ingolstadt. Possible adjustments and investment would take place directly on the TAL crude oil pipeline system, which runs from Italy through Austria into Germany – i.e. outside the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, a feasibility study was elaborated and the project is in the initial phase of implementation, which is not yet decided.

The “Litvínov – Leuna (Spergau) pipe connection” project

The project deals with the possible construction of a new pipe connection Litvínov – Leuna, including all of the necessary related adjustments and investment to existing equipment. Any construction and investment associated with the project would be carried in the Czech Republic and for the most part in Germany. The project is now at the stage of preparation of a pre-feasibility study. Possible further steps e.g. a feasibility study, etc. will be decided upon based on the results of this study.

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