Oil quality

Oil quality compliance

Oil quality parameters must be observed during oil transport, mixing and storage for its subsequent processing at the refineries. Our company performs continuous monitoring of selected quality indicators. These include particularly tank sampling, online collections and measurements during pipeline transport. Furthermore, we undertake regular monitoring and analysis of qualitative parameters such as density, water content and mechanical impurities; auxiliary quantities are also measured to observe individual doses, such as sound spreading velocity, etc. In order to optimize mixing operations and operating of the tanks, the amount of deposits in the tanks is monitored periodically.

Our company cooperates in the long term with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and with the Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels in research projects focused on optimizing oil storage and transport.

In mutual cooperation, a unique complex study was completed with a success, to determine the effect of long-term storage on oil quality and optimization of oil replacement during long-term storage. Samples were taken from selected tanks on a regular basis for more than 4 years during the study, and complex analyses were done; at the same time, methodology was designed to optimize the transport of paraffin oil types. Based on the results, a laboratory model was development for the simulation of oil behaviour during long-term storage.

Special aids to collect samples from tanks were developed in cooperation with ICT Prague.

Graphic illustration of results of deposit measurements in an oil tank