Strengthening the Czech Republic's oil self-sufficiency

MERO CR has started work on the expansion of the capacity of the European TAL pipeline

MERO ČR continues to strengthen the energy security and oil self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. The company has started work on expanding the capacity of the European TAL pipeline. The pipeline carries oil from Italy to Germany and is then followed by the IKL pipeline, which continues to the Czech Republic.

Meet the European TAL pipeline

The Transalpine Oil Pipeline (TAL) is one of the most important oil arteries in Europe. It connects the port of Trieste, Italy, with Central European countries and supplies oil to refineries in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The TAL pipeline supplies more than 50% of the Czech Republic’s total oil needs.

The TAL-PLUS project: key facts and figures

The TAL pipeline currently transports 43 million tonnes of crude oil per year. Approximately 3-4 million tonnes of crude oil per year are delivered directly to the Czech Republic via TAL and the downstream IKL pipeline.

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