Strengthening the Czech Republic's oil self-sufficiency

The Czech Republic will become independent of Russian oil at the end of 2024. MERO ČR is continuing the TAL-PLUS project, the first technical modifications of the TAL crude oil pipeline will begin next spring.

At the end of next year, after almost sixty years, the Czech Republic will be independent of Russian oil supplies from the Druzhba pipeline. MERO ČR, together with the TAL consortium, continues the successful implementation of the TAL-PLUS project. All works are progressing according to the set schedule. The first technical modifications and modernisation works will start on the European TAL pipeline as early as next spring.

Meet the European TAL pipeline

The Transalpine Oil Pipeline (TAL) is one of the most important oil arteries in Europe. It connects the port of Trieste, Italy, with Central European countries and supplies oil to refineries in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The TAL pipeline supplies more than 50% of the Czech Republic’s total oil needs.

The TAL-PLUS project: key facts and figures

The TAL pipeline currently transports 43 million tonnes of crude oil per year. Approximately 3-4 million tonnes of crude oil per year are delivered directly to the Czech Republic via TAL and the downstream IKL pipeline.

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