The TAL-PLUS project: key facts and figures

  • The TAL pipeline currently transports 43 million tonnes of crude oil per year. Approximately 3-4 million tonnes of crude oil per year are delivered directly to the Czech Republic via TAL and the downstream IKL pipeline.
  • Technical modifications (intensification) to the TAL pipeline will increase the operational capacity of the transported oil to 48 million tonnes of oil per year. The capacity for the Czech Republic will increase to 8 million tonnes of oil per year.
  • This project will provide MERO with additional transport capacity for the two refineries in the Czech Republic.
  • In addition to the modifications to the TAL pipeline, partial modifications to the IKL pipeline and storage capacity at MERO Germany’s bunkering site in Vohburg and the Central Oil Bunkering Site in Nelahozeves have to be considered.
  • The total estimated cost of the TAL-PLUS project, including the modification of the MERO Germany technology, the modification of the MERO CR technology and ancillary costs, is between CZK 1.3 billion and CZK 1.6 billion. In the case of the need to increase the storage capacity, the total estimated cost is CZK 2.3 billion (at an exchange rate of CZK 25/€).
  • The financial costs of the project will be borne by MERO ČR. Therefore, no financing from the state budget will be required.
  • The implementation of the TAL-PLUS project will take approximately 25 months. If new storage tanks need to be built, the period will be even longer.
  • More oil is expected to flow through the TAL pipeline to the Czech Republic from 2025.