History of construction

September 1, 1994Opening ceremony for the pipeline construction start
December 21, 1994 50% of the pipeline route welded
April 1, 1995Commencement of pipeline stress tests
April 20, 1995End of pipe delivery
April 27, 1995Erection of first electric station cabins along the pipeline
May 12, 1995End of pipeline welding (except for interconnections)
May 31, 1995Commencement of the optical cable laying
June 22, 1995Delivery of first ball valves
June 26, 1995Commencement of pipeline calibration using intelligent pig
July 27, 1995First ball valves placed in the pipeline
August 14, 1995Commencement of completion of telemetry and Technological Processes
Management System in electric station cabins and valve chambers
August 31, 1995Last joint welded
December 15, 1995Filling of the IKL pipeline with crude oil