Today, the Druzhba oil pipeline transported the last supply of oil loaned to Unipetrol during the contamination of oil in Druzhba

Today, 6 November 2019, the last supply of crude oil from the total volume loaned to Unipetrol by the State Material Reserves Administration was returned to the storage tanks at the central oil tank farm in Nelahozeves via the Druzhba oil pipeline.

At the end of April this year, an increased concentration of organic chlorides was recorded in oil transported by the Druzhba oil pipeline. Supplies by Druzhba were suspended by all customers along the route of the oil pipeline, and the supply of the Litvínov refinery was also endangered. To ensure its operation, the government of the Czech Republic agreed to loan almost 30% of the emergency oil reserves from the state material reserves kept by MERO ČR, a.s.

At the end of May, the operation of the Druzhba oil pipeline in the Czech territory were restored, and oil was gradually returned to the strategic stockpiles according to a predetermined time schedule. Today, the last supply was transported via the Druzhba oil pipeline and the entire volume of loaned oil is now back in the storage tanks at the central oil tank farm.

“Thanks to the close cooperation of our employees with SSHR, Unipetrol and colleagues from the International Association of Oil Transporters, the oil was returned to the storage tanks where the strategic stocks are stored without any issues. We consistently monitored the quality of crude oil at all times, and none of the monitored parameters exceeded the set limits”, said Jaroslav Kocián, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MERO ČR, a.s.